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We have been interested in ethnic culture for 13 years. Musical instruments and material culture of people from all over the world is in the centre of our interests.

In 2003 we created our Native American Village in Szczyrzyc, where we organize musical and craft workshops. We help people to learn how to play on the oldest world’s instruments:

didgeridoo which uses a ”circular breath" technique,

African drums with traditional rhythms,

Native American and Tibetan flutes,

shamans’ drums and Native American songs.

We provide carefully selected, aesthetic instruments with perfect distinct sound because we believe that secrets of good instruments are hidden in their quality. We can guarantee that your instrument will be designed for playing not just a nice decoration. We recommend handicraft of Native American Tribes of the Great Plains and native inhabitants of Australia, Africa and Indonesia - jewelry and everyday objects.

We are also a certified ecological smallholding in a vibrant, living countryside in which humans flourish alongside our cherished landscapes and natural biodiversity. We produce on a small scale natural juices, jams, jellies, dried and roasted fruit using only traditional methods and natural ingredients.

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